Sunday, May 8, 2011

The who I am #1

I am Braden Williams Dunbar, I come from a line of amazing people. I am privileged to carry both my mother's maiden name and my father's surname. I am proud of those of my family that have come before me. My first name and the coming about of me being called Braden are just another part of who I am.
My mother wanted to be able to call me Brady while i was a kid. She didn't want that to be my real name, just a nickname. So she decided on Braydon. She has thought that she had made this name up. Come to find out there were a few Braydons around already. But still creative if i do say so myself.
Luckily mom didn't like the way she had spelled it so she had it changed. I much prefer Braden over the many other spellings out there, ie: Braydon, Brayden, Braydun, Braiden, Braidon, Braidun, Braiden, Bradun, Bradon. I think my spelling, of course, is the best and most esthetically pleasing way of spelling it. I get called Brandon by most people and it used to bother me. But I have come to the conclusion, who cares, They don't know me and when they do get to know me they won't make that mistake very often. hehe.
I love my full name and the power that is behind each section of it.  If you think about it, I am as unique and amazing as my name itself. I mean never in my life have I had another Braden in a class at school or anything like that. The closest thing to having someone with that same name as me was as a missionary, Another Elder in the mission was a Braden as well. So the name is unique. And for those of you that haven't had the opportunity to play the middle name guessing game with me. You are lucky. No one every really wins, My middle name is not William, it is WIlliams, totally different. And i wouldn't tell people they got it right if they guessed WIlliam. I am proud of the chance i have to be named after my mother's side of the family. Yes growing up and hating to write I despised having such a long middle name, but i have found the fun of writing it. It is a really fun name/word to write in cursive.
One of my favorite things about my name as many of you have been told probably multiple times, is that if you take my first name and my last name all the letters match except for the E and the U so cool. You don't have to agree about the coolness but i think it is fantastic. How many of you can say that about your names?
Well I have now gone on way to long about my name. I would encourage you to look at your name and see what you can write about it. This has been fun, and I have been able to gain a stronger appreciation for my name as I have done this. Wow that was fun!! haha
Random I know but what are blogs for? =)