Tuesday, June 21, 2011

True Friends

The more I learn of myself the more I dislike myself. I believe this is the case with everyone in my life as well. The more someone gets to know me the fewer friends I have. I have few friends who I can say other wise, and why they are still around is such a mystery to me. I really struggle when people whom I want to be accepted by reject me and hurt me. It lingers for a really long time. I don’t make a lot of friends, but the friends that I make are most definitely quality. That is why when one of them breaks my trust and my heart, it hurts so badly. And when another one tells me that being around me is not his favorite thing. It burns. I make friends for keeps not just to have a big number. I am not a friend whore; I won’t call you a friend unless I actually consider you a friend. Now to help me realize what I actually have, and to show you all what true friends are, My bestest best friend Harrison…

Harrison: We met under… let’s just say… we met under unusual circumstances. We met just about a year ago. In the past year we have been through a lot together. A lot of annoyances, hate-filled conversations, a lot of mistrust, misuse, a lot of care and concern, a lot of rough days, but also a lot of great times, and most importantly a lot of love. No matter how crappy I treat him he is there. He is there for me no matter the time of day, or how angry I am. Has been one of my best friends that I have ever had. Even a couple of weeks ago when I wasn’t in my right mind I told him that if he loved me and was a true friend he would just let me die, I wanted to die so badly, He wouldn’t listen to me, that little shit!!! Even now if I were to go to him and tell him what I am feeling, even though he is with his friends right now, he would talk to me. He would help me understand what is going on. He would help me in his own frustrating way to get through it. Many people don’t believe me when I say that Harrison is freaking awesome, but he really is. If you don’t believe me just find out for yourself. You have to actually get to know him, But he is loyal, and kind, and loving, and genuine, and…!! I know that Harrison would be there for me even if I did do something stupid. He would even make up some stupid story that no one would believe just to help me not look so pathetic. I love this man and will always be true to him because he has always been true to me even in our rough times. And those who can call him friend consider yourselves lucky!!! =)

And the most recent person whom I consider to be lucky to be friends with me is, Jalopy. He is this really cool guy who sneak attacked me into a date with him. He is so sneaky. We have been friends for almost a year, but due to some ‘situations’ we never really got close, we would chat once in a long while and then not chat again for a long while. But then the AMAZING musical RENT came to town and we went together with a few other people. He sure knew what he was doing. I have not been ready to date due to the recent breaking of my heart and destroying of my trust in other people. But he did just the right things and said the right things and was just the right guy. Jalopy is someone who I have always considered a great guy. But in the past few weeks as we have talked and chatted I have come to find out that he is incredible. He has his head securely fastened and he loves himself unlike a lot of people I know, He has goals and desires for his life. He talks to me like I am someone to care about and not just a project or a client. He is by far too good for me and I don’t know what it is that he see’s in me! I hope that when He gets to know me better he doesn’t run away. He makes me feel great about myself. Back a few weeks ago I posted on the Great Book of Face that I wanted someone that had a weird that matches mine. Well jalopy is weird and his weird and my weird match really well. He doesn’t judge me when I start dancing in public or when I sing in weird obnoxious voices. Or when I do Braden characteristic things. He likes me and I like him. Haha!! And if any of you that may possibly be reading this don’t know, I am gay!! Haha

Well anyway this has gone on far too long already, I have many more amazing people in my life, and someday I will introduce them all to you. Here to list a few; Brittany P., Erica J., Nicholass, Spencer, Nicole S., and through Harrison- Tylor T., and many more!!!! I love you all and hope that I don’t and won’t disappoint you too much throughout the time that we know each other

And thanks to Jordan for helping me get this posted correctly! haha