Monday, June 18, 2012


I am stuck
As I was driving home today one of my favorite movies came to mind. "Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium" I love this movie dearly! 
There is a moment near the beginning of the movie that is what triggered the memory. Molley Mahoney, who helps run the Emporium simply states to Mr Magorium, I am stuck…
Molly Mahoney: I'm stuck! 
Mr. Edward Magorium: Oh, to my floor? 
Molly Mahoney: No, sir. 
Mr. Edward Magorium: Then what? 
Molly Mahoney: Like a person. You remember when I was a little girl and I could play Rachmaninov's Second Piano Concerto and everyone was talking about my potential? 
Mr. Edward Magorium: Mhm. 
Molly Mahoney: Well, I am 23 now and everyone's still talking about my potential but if you ask me to play the song I know best... I'll still play Rachmaninov's Second. 
Mr. Edward Magorium: May I suggest you stun the world with Molly Mahoney's First? 

Sometimes I feel stuck as well. Not that I am a child prodigy or anything but I sometimes feel like I have so much potential I just have no idea how to release it. I feel like I am running up a hill in the rain composed of our lovely slippery Utah clay mixed with motor oil. Descriptive enough? 
I mean I see good things in my life. I just always thought I would be in a much different place than I am now and a much different person. I do know that I am growing and learning everyday. I just feel stuck. I want nothing more than to stun the world with Braden Dunbar's First~~

Now change of temp, I came across this blog as I was looking for the quote from the movie. I think it is an incredible description of the movie and great insight into life/death. =) Zach Helm's Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium Starring Dustin Hoffman